Elder Justin Jacobson ~ CALLED TO SERVE ~ Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission September/2010 - 2012

First Area: La Grandeza,
Companion: Elder Heywood 11/9/2010 -3/15/2011
Companion: Elder Tadeo 3/15/2011-4/5/2011
Second Area: Central,
Companion: Elder Platero 4/5/2011-4/26/2011
Companion: Elder Lira 4/26/2011-6/7/2011
Third Area: San Pablo (in Malacatan),
Companion: Elder Altamirano 6/7/2011-7/19/2011
Companion: Elder Matute 7/19/2011-10/11/2011

Fourth Area: San Sebastian
Companion: Elder Platero 10/11/2011-02/15/2012
Fifth Area: Pueblo Nuevo
Companion: Elder Jack 02/15/2012-
Companion: Elder Velasquez -08/30/2012
Companion: Elder Ortega 08/30/2012-09/13/2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Everything Nuevo

Well like the title says this was a week of new. Changes were on
wednesday. Tuesday night and wednesday morning were a little hard for me. on
top of having to pack my whole life into two suit cases, and clean the house
(which i didnt do) we had to go say good bye to everyone. it wasnt that sad,
but its weird to think that i might never see some of the people again. the
andrade family made us dinner on our last day. ha they kept making jokes about
how they were going to get us wet, ( i dont know why but its like a tradition
here to soak people that are celebrating something) but i thought it was a
joke. ha then one time i looked up and saw Macedonio behind elder platero with
a big bucket of water he smiled and then dumped it all. ha he was soaked. i
decided i better watch my back, but i let my guard down when they offered me
some soda. i looked around just in time to see caesar dump another huge
bucket on my face. ha it was funny.
Wednesday was a mix of emotion. I have to be honest, it was hard saying
good bye to alot of people. mainly two, elder flores, and obviously elder
platero. (also elder skousen, but i still have hopes of seeing him at some
future time). when the meeting was over we took a picture together, and despues
just kind of sat there looking at each other. ha we didnt cry. we just said
good bye and both went our way.
Well that was the sad part, but the happy part happened a little bit
earlier . in the change meeting they announced that my new companion would be
Elder Jack. They also announced that i would be district leader in my new
area. I went to the front and the whole mission gave me a standing ovation, not
realy. ha i just went and gave him a hug, and we sat down together. there was
a lot of noise so we didnt really talk until after.
Since that moment things have been going at a hundred miles an hour.
my area is called Pueblo Nuevo (hence the title. bwahahaha, thats three weeks in
a row of creative titles, how do i do it) its up in the mountains again. but
its pretty close to Reu. i love it there. i dont know excactly what it is but
i feel really good. almost like deja vu in the area. the weather is cool and
we have hot water. there is two funny things about our house. 1 we have a pet
dog named tobi. ha thats super against the rules, but we wont tell any
one. (just kidding they already talked to president about it) its like a boxer
i think. ha i like having him there alot. the other funny thing is that we
have our church meetings in our house. ha its only temporary because the new
chapel they are building will be finished in about a week. so ya i like it here
the people are also awesome. its a small town so everyone knows
everyone. and Everyone knows the elders. ha everywhere we go people shout
Adios elderes. ha we have gotten to know most of the members. they are all
great. one in particular is called roni. he is a recent convert of about a
year, but he is our ward mission leader, and way excited to work. he has been
teaching us the area, and has a bunch of ideas of things we can do. its awesome
Elder Jack is awesome. he has a great spirit about him. he came ready
to work and do good things. i like him alot because he is willing to learn, and
to try new things. his spanish is coming fast, i think he can understand the
majority of what is said. he is from utah. Hes the man.
well thats about it. i feel like mormon when i say that i couldnt
write the hundreth part of what has happened, but those are the hightlights. I
love you all. have a great week. Enjoy me some smoothies, and ill pretend im
drinking them. Adios
Elder Jacobson

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