Elder Justin Jacobson ~ CALLED TO SERVE ~ Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission September/2010 - 2012

First Area: La Grandeza,
Companion: Elder Heywood 11/9/2010 -3/15/2011
Companion: Elder Tadeo 3/15/2011-4/5/2011
Second Area: Central,
Companion: Elder Platero 4/5/2011-4/26/2011
Companion: Elder Lira 4/26/2011-6/7/2011
Third Area: San Pablo (in Malacatan),
Companion: Elder Altamirano 6/7/2011-7/19/2011
Companion: Elder Matute 7/19/2011-10/11/2011

Fourth Area: San Sebastian
Companion: Elder Platero 10/11/2011-02/15/2012
Fifth Area: Pueblo Nuevo
Companion: Elder Jack 02/15/2012-
Companion: Elder Velasquez -08/30/2012
Companion: Elder Ortega 08/30/2012-09/13/2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

4 ways to know

I read an interesting article here that i think might be interesting for you.
the title is four ways to know. It explains that some people on this earth
were born as humans, but were actually meant to be flies. there is an easy
formula, 4 ways, to be exact to know if you are, or have contact with a fly
human. they are1. you can fly and land on walls2. you sometimes get
your guts eaten out by spiders3. you eat fecal matter4. you have 6 legs
and millions of eyes. if any of those traits describe you, you will probably
want to contact the fly human organization. so the week was
pretty good. its still going slower than i would like. i never have thought
of myself as an impatient person. but ive noticed here that if things dont
go well right away i sometimes get anxious and frustrated. but i think one
of the big lessons that i can learn here is to just do my best and not worry
so much about how quickly we have success. its not easy, but im
learning. the good news is that we are starting to gain success among
the members. i feel like we have more confidence with them, and they
have more confidence in us as missionaries. i think that if we can
start to get them all more involved in missionary work we wont be far
from success. we still arent in our new chapel. its kind of tough
because every week they say that one more week and it will be done, but
then saturday they announce that it will be in our house again. but
i guess i have nothing to complain about, all the elders before me had to
live with it like that. i dont know why i wouldnt. yesterday we were
introduced to a beautiful family. we only talked to them a little bit, but
they seem super awesome. they have a 15 day old baby girl, and they havent
been able to think of a name for her,they asked the names of our sisters and
i said Lonica. they really liked it. so possibly their will be a little
girl here named after the lon. So i was thinking about something last
night that might help jordan. Sometimes i like to just let my mind wander.
so last night it was taking me to all the places i have been since i
graduated. fora while i was in kentucky. i could walk in and out of the
barracks,up to the mess hall, the places where we ran the firing ranges.
the whole thing. then i went to san antonio. i could see all the
places i lived, the movie theatre where we always went. the church where
we had our services. more than the places i saw the people. tons
of people who i had known and loved. after that i was at home with
the family and friends. later i went to each of my areas, re walked
the streets, re saw the faces, and re lived alot of experiences. i said
a quiet prayer thanking Heavenly Father for taking me to all those places
and letting me get to know all those people. i realized that if i hadnt
made the decision to leave i never would have had the experiences i had or
known the people i love. So what am i trying to say. im not telling you to
leave. but what im telling you is that there are things you can never do,
and people you can never know if you never get out of syracuse. think of all
the people waiting to know you in the places you will go, and the stories you
wont be able to tell if you never get out of the house. In the end the only
way to make the right to decision is to do what it says in james 1 5
ask God. what i like to do is weigh out the pros and cons in my mind
then kneel down and with a prayer make a decision. trust the
scripture,Heavenly Father loves you and will tell you what to do.
Well, good luck to everyone in there various competitions. im sure you wont
need luck, because you all pwn. just do work, im excited to hear all about
it. so im almost out of time, but the weeks are going by super
fast now. only 6 more little months. ha imma try to lose
myself completely in the work. its hard sometimes but i know i can do it.
I love you all. Adios

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