Elder Justin Jacobson ~ CALLED TO SERVE ~ Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission September/2010 - 2012

First Area: La Grandeza,
Companion: Elder Heywood 11/9/2010 -3/15/2011
Companion: Elder Tadeo 3/15/2011-4/5/2011
Second Area: Central,
Companion: Elder Platero 4/5/2011-4/26/2011
Companion: Elder Lira 4/26/2011-6/7/2011
Third Area: San Pablo (in Malacatan),
Companion: Elder Altamirano 6/7/2011-7/19/2011
Companion: Elder Matute 7/19/2011-10/11/2011

Fourth Area: San Sebastian
Companion: Elder Platero 10/11/2011-02/15/2012
Fifth Area: Pueblo Nuevo
Companion: Elder Jack 02/15/2012-
Companion: Elder Velasquez -08/30/2012
Companion: Elder Ortega 08/30/2012-09/13/2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

doowon work

well here we are in pueblo nuebo. workin like some fools with our pants on the groung with some gold in our mouth and hat to the side. ha just kiddin. but we really are working pretty hard. weave made some new plans and goals and they are working out for us. baisically what happens is alot of times weave got plans to visit family x and when we get there the family isnt home. sometimes we have a good back up plan, but sometimes we have nothing to do and we just end up waisting time. so the gaol we made is that when an appt falls we have to knock doors like crazy until someone lets us in to teach. sometimes its not that effective because people just let us in because we dont take no for an answere, and they have no desire to hear us. but we have found 2 really posotive families and its always good to be teaching the whole day instead of just walkin like fools.
one of the families we found came to church yesterday. when we went to pick them up they were all changed and ready to go. after church we talked to them and they said they really liked it and want to come next week. we challenged them to baptism and they said that they wanted a little more time, but that they would pray. its funny how sometimes i get desperate because of lack of success and start trying to force people to feel the spirit and keep commitments and accept baptism. but when we find someone that has been prepared they do things because they want to and not because we make them.
the weather is nice as always here. its alot like utah spring weather. is just hotter, and sometimes rains a little more. when i say a little more i mean that in 10 minutes it rains more here than it has in the last 10 years in the behive state. but you get used to wet feet and constantly beeing sick with a nose bleeding cold slash sinus infection. hahahahahaha i wish i was joking.
today was the birthday of one of the sisters in our branch. she is always way nice to us and takes care of us in whatever she can. so we decided to do something nice for her. the tradicion here is that when someone is having a birthday you have to go light off fireworks at like 6 in the morning. we talked to her daughter and she said that her mom gets up at like 5 30, so we went at like 5. turns out she was already awake. ha but we litted off the fireworks any way and she was happy that we remembered her. then she made us breakfast. ha ironic right.
by the way i forgot to tell you that the package came. i liked the pickle theme. i made the pudding and gave some to my comp. he spit it in my face and started saying swear words. i think thats the guatemalan way of saying he liked it. but i was happy with everything. i took the ring to the guy who wanted to give it to his "future wife". ha turnes out they ended things a few days ago. so basically the ring was like salt in his wound. ha, but he bought it any way and gave it to his mom. alls well that ends well i guess.
Well other than that not much to say. life is good. we are working hard and doing well. i love you all
Elder Jacobson

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